“God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, might abound unto every good work.” (IICorinthians 9:8)

This is the most emphatic verse in the Bible about the grace God has made available to His people. According to Paul, God is able to make all grace (not just a little bit of grace), abound (not just trickle), toward you (not just Billy Graham, the pastor, and the missionary, but toward you), that you (he repeats that for emphasis), always (not just sometimes), having all sufficiency (not just some sufficiency), in all things (not just some things), may abound (not just limp), unto every good work (not just some good works).

All grace, abounding, always, all of you, I mean all of you, all sufficiency, all things, always, abounding in all the good works God wants to do through you! The New Testament church turned the world right side up because they believed and experienced the truth Paul was proclaiming in this extraordinary verse about God’s amazing grace.

The challenge for you and me is to believe in, and access, the grace of which the apostle was writing in this magnificent verse. The grace of God is not only the undeserved favor of God we receive when our sins are forgiven. Grace is the power of God He wants to pour out on His people as they live for and serve Him. The word “charis” is the Greek word for grace. The word “charisma” or “charismata” is the Greek word that describes the grace of God being dispensed to His people. It is impossible to live the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ without the grace of God. In the pure sense of this word there is no other kind of Christian but a charismatic Christian.

This verse is the most exciting and challenging verse in the Bible regarding the availability and accessibility of the grace of God to you and me. The great challenge is to believe this grace is there for us to access on a daily basis. Do you believe God is able to make all grace abound toward you today?

Do you believe that you, always, having all sufficiency in all things can abound unto every good work God wants to do through you today?

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