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  1. Kathleen Hulstrom says:

    Just wanted you to know that you walk with me everyday as I listen to your teachings and how much of a blessing I consider them to be. I’ve taken Precept studies (which have been of great benefit) but now to be able to add those skills to your overviews has greatly increased my understanding of Scripture. I am a first generation believer [age 64](family of 6 children) who would sometimes get angry with God when I would read of others in the faith who have had someone come alongside them while my prayer of over 20 yrs has never been answered. I so longed for a mentor with whom I could share my journey. I don’t understand but I do know that in the past year, something changed. I have a love for God that is beyond me. I also want to let your wife know how much I admire her example of a godly wife and mother. God’s Peace Kathy

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  3. Mike Roth says:

    I wanted to shoot you a quick note to tell you something that just happened. In September, Monica and I became Youth leaders at our church to work with small groups of teens…2 of whom are our children. Kyle(17) and Courtney(15). We felt the Lord leading us this way. In turn, I have not been attending the men’s bible study that I have participated in for the past 7 years because they meet at the same time.
    The leader of the men’s group is a friend named Dennis. He has been through a divorce and never re-married. He was going through some very rough times at Thanksgiving this year and reached out for a brother to talk to. He and I met for lunch and he poured out his heart about the woman that he was seeing and told me of their breakup. He was devestated. In turn, he would also be alone for Thanksgiving. Monica and I had Dennis join us for Thanksgiving dinner and we had a wonderful time. Great conversation that was Spirit lead. I introduced Dennis to a man that I love very much…YOU! I shared many of your works with him and he has taken to them like a fish to water.
    Dennis is back with his lady friend, trusting God to guide their relationship. He continues to lead the men in scripture sharing and he is doing well. This past Sunday, my small group with the teens finished earlier than usual and I had an opportunity to drop in on Dennis and the guys…To my absolute pleasant surprise, Dennis was right in the middle of introducing the next study that they were taking on…”As Eagles” by Pastor Dick Woodward!!!! I love you my brother! Be well and continued blessings…
    Mike Roth

    • Dennis says:

      Pastor Dick,

      I am Dennis. Mike Roth is my brother from another mother. He mentioned my relationship with a lady. Her name is Rebecca. I was inspired after reading The Prescription for Love and A Spiritual Compass to re dedicate myself to our relationship and move in the direction of marriage and commitment. I started to love her just because she was who she was. We were, I thought, on the right road. God was indeed doing something new in my life, giving me a woman to end my loneliness.
      Then about two months ago, she decided she was not in the relationship for the long term and ended our relationship. I have been on a hard road for some time, with finances and loneliness. Today is Easter Sunday, and for me it feels like good Friday. I saw Rebecca in church and the same feelings of heartache welled up, similar to my divorce experience. I am teaching your Prescription for Guidance to our men’s group right now. I am seeking His will and not finding it. I know he wants better things for me. I ask HIM why I cannot find a better job and a relationship with a woman that works. IS reconciliation HIS will? do I move on? I do not know.
      When you can, would you share any insight?
      God Bless,

      Dennis Placke

  4. Scott Dreyer says:

    Fantastic video telling us more about the man and his mission. Brought back great memories from years at Williamsburg Community Chapel!

  5. Hellow Pastor Dick, God bress you, i found today your page in Internet, i will start inmediately to study with you in spanish, but first of all i want to say that i appreciate in our Lord that men like you had build this way that we follow now to know more about Jesús and The Father. God bless you once again.

  6. Gary says:

    Hi Ps Dick I’ve been a Child of God since 3.3.1985 But in the last few years I have prayed and asked my Father God to lead me to ministers of God who I can trust to teach me more about the Word of God.
    I,ve been misled by so many,truth seems harder to come by these days,where is the church heading?,when I was a new christian it was all about Jesus and the Word of God, but now it seems to be about what appeals to the natural man(the flesh) to draw people’s attention to God. I just want to understand the issues of life from God’s point of view(I do seek the Lord myself of course),so I have been blessed to have been lead to you Ps Dick and your wonderful gift of teaching and inspiration and of course the Application of the Word.
    My delema is that I would like to support you and the mini bible college , but I do not want to give any information over the internet other than my email address. I believe it pleases God to support those who feed us spiritually.
    I don’t want thanks or to be part of any information collecting, I just want to please God and support his Kingdom and those who serve in it.
    I have listened to all the old testament survey, new testament survey and other teachings from You and have been greatly inspired by your approach to scripture, and your personal testimony.

    Is there any way I could just send or transfer money to your account for your own personal needs and for anything else you would like to support.
    Could you tell me what you think about this and whether you would accept my support.

    Yours in Christ,

    • Richard Leist says:

      In 1972 I was serving in the Navy at Little Creek, Virginia. After watching Pat Robertson one night, pretty much by “mistake,” I gave my heart to God and opened up the telephone book to find a church. I said, “Okay God. Point me to a church.” And I let my finger fall on the Church listings in the Yellow Pages. That church was Virginia Beach Community Chapel. The pastor was Dick Woodward. It did not take him long to spot me and pull me gently under his wing. I was in awe of his love, his humility, his sense of humor, and his Bible scholarship. I was already a college grad but had no Bible knowledge. Dick’s nuturing as I attended Va. Beach Community Chapel for over two years was the beginning of my walk with God. He steered me to the Navigators as I left my service time and enrolled in graduate school. The joy, the enthusiasm, the love, the peace, the scriptural balance, and the salvation stories that I found under Dick’s ministry with all the wonderful people in the church became my firm foundation. That was 40 years ago, but I will never forget this wonderful man of God and his beautiful family.

      Rick Leist

  7. Richard Chemwa Simiyu says:

    Dear Dick,
    I am Rev. Richard Chemwa resident of Kenya. I am running a discipleship program within the country and have opened training centres all around. I am using you materials which are quite good, reliable with great great insight and devotional. As you may be aware after the whole course we would like to give them a certificate. This has to be a Higher Diploma in Discipleship Ministerial course basing on the staff in booklets. My request is for you to design the certificate bearing the icm letter head and your signature as the international director then offer two other spaces for us to sign as kenyan instructors.
    Please consider it as a need for the furthering of the program because the course takes three years to complete it properly. We train Pastors and other Lay readers identified by the pastors. Todate we have 120 doing the trainning in four centres and will be required to graduate next August.
    Wish you all the best,
    In Christ’s service,
    Richard Chemwa – Program National Director.

  8. Jon Barron says:

    Dick, you took me on as a challenge. You invited me into your home weekly and challenged me to consider God’s first question to man: “Where are you.” It took me about 6 weeks to answer, but that was the impetus to plant my feet on solid ground and seeking an answer to “Where are you going.”

    I’ve since gone to Bible College, which I told you I’d never do, and I discovered why the professors believe what they do – and so differently… which I had mentioned would be my interest if I ever went.

    I’ve served as director of non-profits and worked in other roles. Regardless of my position, I’ve found it my calling to challenge other young folks along the way. Dick, you are truly a beloved brother. Thank-you for taking time to invest in me.

  9. Janice Galloway Monroe says:

    Pastor Woodward, I grew up attending VA Beach Community Chaple. My name is Janice Galloway Monroe-Richard (dick) and Janice (skeets) are my parents. I just googled your name and found this site-looking at the older photo of your family brings back many memories of going to the chaple. My husband Scott and I were married at the chaple in 1979!! Happily married with three wonderful sons-brandon, kyle and joshua. My dad just went to be with the Lord almost three weeks ago. Mom misses him very much but is finding peace in knowing she will see him again, Does your son dean have a church here in VA. Beach? I believe a few years ago mom said that dean had a church called Grace Bible Church on shore drive? I must go now, feel free to email me.

    Kindly, Janice

  10. rmcfetters says:

    Dear Friends, Mentor, & Pastor;

    In today’s time, we have few visionaries. In my opinion, you have displayed great visions for my spiritual health. You have linked our Lord with our times and more especially, my times.
    When I was but a young teenager, my sister and I traveled by automobile, out West. We drove across America to discover its vastness and grandeur. We kinda just meandered along. Some days out, we came to a place called Death Valley and the Mojave’ desert. We now saw shades of brown and tan land. What was green was cacti, and Joshua trees. It was an Ocean. An Ocean unlike anything we had seen before. There was darkness, sand, dust, winds, and tumbleweeds rolling across in front of the car. Temperatures were well over 100 degrees. As our day turned into night, in the distance, we could see lights. We came upon a Mecca, a waterhole, a place that adults could gamble, eat fine food, and dance the night away. It was called Las Vegas…a city for adults.
    How many times I have been back to this area I cannot count. How many times in my life have I dreamed of Vegas? I don’t know. I can tell you how often I think of the visionaries’ who stood out on those same darkened deserts and had a vision much different than you and I would have had.
    In my heart of hearts, I must truly believe that the visionaries’ for my spiritual health and well-being were because of your teachings, the Mini-Bible College and WCChapel. You brought before my eyes the lush possibilities with your creative spirits of just what God can and will do with a broken spirit.
    As the world seduces us towards a tunnel vision that only see’s the realm of our own needs and wants, you bowed in humbleness and servitude to Our Lord and to my individual labors in life. You gave a personal ransom. I am forever


    Richard “Mac” McFetters

  11. Elizabeth V. Porter says:

    Dearest Pastor Woodward,
    I know that you are continually thankful for the impact that you have had on lives through your proclamation of Christ, His Word and His resurrection… both on Easter Sunday and in the many lives that have been changed through your ministry. Our family is one! My sister from Va Beach gave me a set of your tapes (Mini Bible College) and I began listening to them in my car, on the way to work. At the time, my husband was in sales and traveling around the state. After I had heard them all, I was bemoaning the fact that I was at the end of the tapes, but not my desire for the Word. My husband decided to take them on his trips, and to make a long story short, your MBC set him on the path he was intended to travel.. ministry. He followed a couple of paths, but finally, he became a Local Pastor in the United Methodist Church. That was year 2000 and he is currently pastor of McKendree United Methodist Church in King William Co. He is doing what God had planned for him, loves it and has a congreation that loves learning the Word.

    I had been meaning to “google” you and was thrilled to find several sources of information. Please find joy in what you have done for my family. Our daughter, age 25, also is a dedicated believer and follower of Christ. She just got married this past weekend to a wonderful Christian man and the ceremony itself was as much about Christ as it was marriage, itself. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in heaven one day when we all gather!

    Elizabeth Porter, Midlothian, VA

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  13. Frances Stennett says:

    HI Janice-We knew your parents way back-it was good to hear about them. Tell your mom hello for Cooter and Frances

  14. […] not reveal everything.  There is a “hiddenness” to God.  I first learned that from Dick Woodward, who made a lasting impression on apologist Ravi Zacharias with his testimony about how God […]

  15. Becky Crunk Ray says:

    Dear Dick and Jenny, God led me to your web site this a.m. What a blessing. I recently married a Godly man after being single for many years. His name is Jack. I am currently teaching a group of 30 ladies in my church in Charlotte, N.C. Thank you both for all that I learned from you while at VBCC. In my teaching Dick I often refer to the many truths of Gods word which you taught me.You had a way of saying things that have made Gods word real to me and made a difference in my life.It was through your teaching that I came to love Gods Word and I love teaching it. Both of my children Lisa and Mark are active in their churches. Lisa runs the clinic for the Chipwa Native American Tribe in the UP of Michigan. Mark is a Supervisor with Medic in Charlotte. Love to you and your family, Becky

  16. Charles Alm says:

    Please send any news or updates

  17. It’s been a blessing to learn God’s word through your mini bible college. I can’t listen anymore to it online. Is it stopped?

  18. Dear Dick and Ginny,

    I love the photo at the top of this page. Brings back many wonderful memories of when you “took a chance” and asked me, a young preacher just wet behind the ears, to come and speak for a week at the Virginia Beach Community Chapel. I was just 25 years old! Your faithful service to the Lord and wonderful Bible teaching has been an “anchor” in my life ever since. I love you, pray for you, and rejoice in the way God is continuing to use your teaching around the world!

    Your admiring brother in Christ,

    George W. Murray
    Columbia International University
    Columbia, SC

  19. […] 2.  Dick was a quadriplegic and within minutes of meeting him, you didn’t even notice.  The primary speaker at his memorial service was his son, Dean.  After painting a picture of what Dick was like, his strengths, his loves and his quirks, Dean passionately shared about his father’s disability.  Dick battled a degenerative spine disorder for 34 years.  I get annoyed and frustrated when I can’t beat a cold that I’ve had for 3 days and this man endured an incredibly painful condition for a large portion of his life.  It was incredible to hear Dean describe his dad’s humble view of the disorder as he recognized that it was all a part of God’s plan to extend His kingdom in ways he never imagined.  Through Dick’s confinement to his bed, the Lord was able to affect a massive amount of people through his teachings that would be translated into 31 strategic languages around the world.  You have to read more about this man (Click here for more on Dick’s story and teachings). […]

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  21. […] Adapted from The Lord is my Shepherd, BUT… by R. Woodward […]

  22. Teri Gay says:

    What a blessing to learn about Pastor Woodward and his deep devotion to share the love of God in such a sincere way! Today was the first time I have listened to MBC. Can’t wait to hear more!

  23. thomas says:

    A Man with Faith in Jesus Christ

  24. Jim Woodard says:

    We attended Va Beach from 1971 to 1977. We then returned to our Episcopal church. We loved Dick Woodward. Can we get copies of his sermons and tapes of his bible study? Jim and Nancy Woodard

  25. Claudia Furlow says:

    Remembering Dick affectionately. I sat in on his Bible study in Williamsburg at the church where I was also practicing with the Williamsburg Community Choir. The year was 1983. I was a newlywed. I really enjoyed hearing him each week. His humility was cloaked in warmth and wisdom.

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