Incarnation and the Values of Jesus Christ

“ …I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full.”
John 10:10

A great Christmas word is “Incarnation.” (The word literally means “In flesh.”) We’re told in the Bible that on that first Christmas Eve God became flesh and lived among us for thirty-three years. We’re also told that everything we’re capable of understanding about God was revealed in the life and teachings of the Man who was God in human flesh. This includes everything He said, everything He was, and everything He did.

If you want to capture the true meaning of Christmas read the gospel of Matthew – especially chapters five through seven. As you do, every time you see Jesus declare a value, make that value part of your own value system. You will see what a revolutionary Jesus truly was because using the values of Christ for your own values clarification will revolutionize your values and your life.

Jesus said He came that we might have life. One way He gives us that life is by giving us the right values. If your values have been in what you’ve lost this year it may be you’re ready for a new value system. Check out the values of Christ and you’ll find that the greatest statement about values this world has ever heard and seen was when God became flesh and lived among us.

One Response to Incarnation and the Values of Jesus Christ

  1. I love this challenge to read Matthew, and write down the values of Christ!! I feel inclined to do it!!

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