How Important Is Holy Week?

“The hour has come that the Son of Man should be glorified.” (John 12:23)

Approximately half the chapters in the Gospel of John record the first thirty-three years of the life of Jesus and the other half record the last week of His life.  The solemn words quoted above announce that His hour had come.  This is where John divides his writings and begins to tell us about that last week of Jesus’ life.

If you add together the number of chapters in all four of the Gospels you come up with the number eighty-nine.  Four of those chapters cover the birth and the first thirty years Jesus lived on earth.  Eighty-five cover the three years of His public ministry.  And twenty-eight cover that last week of His life.  This means that last week is seven times more important than His birth and the first thirty years He lived according to those who wrote the four Gospels.

The authors of these Gospels tell us by the way they have prioritized the last week in the life of Jesus that what we call “Holy Week” was the most important week in His life.  They did this because it was during that week that He suffered and died and was raised from the dead for our salvation. Traditionally, we make much of Christmas, but the four Gospel writers make much of Easter. As committed followers of Christ should not this week that was so very important to Him be the most important week of our Church year?

If you want to make this week important to you, if you’ve never done so before, believe that this was the week Jesus died and rose again for your personal salvation.

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