Three Ways God Speaks

“The heavens declare the glory of God…The Law of the Lord is perfect…the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart…” (Psalm 19: 1, 7, 14)

In the Nineteenth Psalm David writes that every day and every night God is preaching a sermon through the heavenly bodies.  The text of that sermon is the glory of God.  The “firmament” or space in which those bodies exist is also preaching a sermon.  Space preaches to us about the infinite size of God.

His thoughts then turn to the “Special Revelation” of God.  That’s what the theologians call the “Word of God” and David calls the “Law of God.”  David is impressed and impresses us with what the Word of God can do:  The Word can convert the soul, enlighten the eyes and make wise the simple.  The Word can rejoice the heart, and since the Word is true and righteous altogether it will endure forever.  So will the one whose soul has been converted by the Word.  As David meditates on what the Word can do, he claims that the Word is more to be desired than much pure gold.

Having reflected on what we might call “Natural Revelation” and “Biblical Revelation” he next guides us to consider “Personal Revelation.” His thought is that God’s revelation through nature is magnificent and beautiful.  His revelation through Scripture is miraculous and perfect.  But what about His revelation through His people like you and me?

One more thing Scripture can do is warn us about secret and willful, premeditated sins that mar the revelation of God through us His people. Are we willing to track with David through these three ways God speaks and then pray that God’s revelation through us will be acceptable in His sight?

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