Caution: God at Work

Every valley shall be filled and every mountain and hill brought low; the crooked places shall be made straight and the rough ways smooth…” (Luke 3:5)

One of the greatest sermons was preached by the Prophet Isaiah and quoted by the man Jesus called ‘the greatest prophet ever born of woman,’ John the Baptist.  The sermon used a metaphor that was well known in Isaiah’s time.  When a king was going to travel to a distant province in his kingdom, they would build a highway on which he would travel.  While the highway was under construction they referred to it as “The Kings Highway.”

When you build a highway you do four things: you fill valleys, you level mountains, you straighten crooked places, and you smooth out rough places.

As Isaiah predicted the coming of the Messiah he proclaimed that God was coming into this world and the highway on which He was going to travel was the perfect life of His Son.  In that perfect life His valleys would be filled with the Holy Spirit.  The mountains of pride would be completely leveled, the crooked ways of sin would be completely straighten, and He would respond to the rough ways of His cross perfectly.

One of the most dynamic truths in the New Testament is that Jesus sent His followers into this world in the same way He was sent into this world.  That means that our life in Christ is designed to be a highway on which God travels into this world.  I dare you to ask God to make your life such a highway.  If you do, don’t be surprised when God’s “bulldozers” show up. Then you can write, “Caution: God at Work” over your life.

One Response to Caution: God at Work

  1. Rob Smith says:

    Dick, thanks for keeping these great devotionals coming…You are helping to keep my spiritual wheels aligned! Blessings and much agape. Rob Smith

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