Pastor Dick Woodward turns 80!!!

I’ve been asked to post this guest blog on behalf of those who love and appreciate Dick Woodward and his ministry.  Even though Papa has been a bed-fast quadriplegic for many years (the only way he’s been out of the house is in an ambulance!), he continues to faithfully serve God from his hospital bed at home – meeting with a daily stream of appointments, mentoring young people, and writing books, biblical guides, and things like this blog using his voice-activated computer.

When Papa turned 70, his pulmonologist doctor called and said, “Dick, don’t you know you should have gone on to Heaven at least ten years ago?”  With all the complications of quadriplegia, my father’s life is truly a miracle – a gift from God who continues to prove the Four Spiritual Secrets that “when you can’t, just remember I CAN!!”

In October we will celebrate God’s amazing gift of life on Papa’s 80th birthday. We’ve set this site up for you to leave comments and messages for him – (he receives all these blog comments directly on his computer.)   Please also take time to check out his blogs. He writes at least two a week that, (with a little help from the Blog-Posting-Elf,) usually get posted on Tuesdays & Fridays.

Grace, Peace & Blog Posting Elves  –  Virginia Woodward

41 Responses to Pastor Dick Woodward turns 80!!!

  1. Mark Stedelbauer says:

    Virginia, thanks for so faithfully serving your dad! And Dick, thanks for all that you’ve given us. You and your work are treasured around the world. You are a blessing to millions! Happy birthday to you.

  2. Rob Smith says:

    Happy Birthday to a young man in eternity’s calendar who has inspired me to try to think a little more about Jesus and prepare to be with Him. Thank you for opening up the Word by being so open, yourself, so that we might also open up to Him! Blessings this day, and every day, as you walk with Jesus and help us walk with Jesus. Love, Rob Smith

  3. PJ says:

    Remember the assignment Moses got when he turned 80. I hope if the Lord has one like that for you, it is on the Glory Side and you will be back in your running shoes! 🙂

    • ann orteig says:

      dear Dick. lo these many years i have learned, struggled, appreciated, followed, admired you and your willingness to help me and grow me up. although i have you beat by two years, i share the aging process and am in awe that you have lived yours so well. may God carry you close to His heart and in His arms forever. ann

  4. Querido Pastor Dick:
    Há oito anos coordeno no Brasil o ENCONTRO COM A PALAVRA e sua vida tem sido uma grande inspiração para mim. Aproveito para, em nome dos mais de treze mil alunos, e em especial os mais de dois mil presidiários, lhe desejar muitas felicidades neste seu aniversário. Só a eternidade irá mostrar a verdadeira amplitude de seu ministério.
    Em Cristo,
    Leandro Ferreira

  5. Darrel Templeton says:

    Dear Dick,

    First of all, I thought I better translate what Pr. Leandro from Brasil wrote: Dear Pastor Dick:
    For eight years now in Brasil I coordinate “Encontro Com A Palavra” (Encounter With The Word – MBC)and your life has been a great inspiration to me. I take this opportunity on behalf of the over 13,000 MBC students, and especially from the over 2,000 prisoners, to wish you happiness on your birthday. Only eternity will show the true scope of your ministry. In Christ, Leandro Ferriera.

    Secondly, I too wanted to say what a joy it has been to be here for your 70th Birthday and now your 80th! And I too can echo Pr. Leandro, Only in eternity will we understand the scope of what God has done through you! What a joy it is to wish you a Happy Birthday and may He continue to BLESS you and use you to bless others,

    Your humble servant (and proud of it 🙂


  6. Edson Bruno says:

    My Dear friend Dick

    This is the way I feel about you…a very close friend after this years I have been your voice in Portuguese. Oh! So wonderful the experience I had recording every radio program. I have learned so much with you. Every time I was in front of the microphone reading the scripts, I knew God was given to Brazil a wonderful gift that was born in your heart my dear Dick Woodward. Thanks for been such a great blessing for so many people around the world.
    You are in more than 100 radios now here in Brazil.

    Praise the Lord!!!!!!!

    From Brazil with love!!!!!!!

  7. John Paine says:


    I’m listening to your CDs every day and just trying to soak up all that wisdom. What an incredibly gifted and inspirational teacher you are. Have a fantastic 80th!

    God Bless,

    John Paine

  8. Bo Bohanan says:

    WOW!!! 80. Dick, I’m so encouraged to hear you are almost 80. You know you (your whole life) has been a wonderful testimony and encouragement to Pat and I ever since we first met you in 1979. We are looking forward to the celebration and hope we have a chance to say hello. We know there will be many, many friends there who love you. Blessings in Christ, Bo and Pat

  9. Ginny Baker says:

    Hey Uncle Dick! I wish so much that I could have met you. My mother (Sally) tells such wonderful stories about you, and I can see clearly how very much you are loved by so many people. Happy 80th birthday!

    Your niece–Ginny B

  10. Dan Garvin says:

    Dick, thank you for your ministry to my family at the Va. Beach Chapel..esp. my brother Speed. Your ministry continues to multiply as we leave this week to minister on the Mohawk reservation in Canada. Pray for us. Bless the day of your birth!

  11. David Grimes says:

    Dear Dick,

    I continue to pray for you daily.

    It has been such a privilege to know you. Listening to the MBC back in the “tape days” made me excited about reading the entire bible. Now, having done that several times, I’m back in the OT again, presently in IIChronicals. Some it is still a struggle in that listings of all the “players” and their progeny gets a bit boring at times. But, when I perservere, there are always nuggets to be had.

    I look forward to seeing you and Ginny on the 15th. I’m sorry Vic and Larry couldn’t make it but delighted that Joann has chosen to be with me.

    Happy Birthday to the “sweet little brown eyed preacher” who has meant so much to me in my spiritual journey — not yet over.

    Much love and affection,

    David Grimes

  12. ann orteig says:

    i have written and posted my message and now it comes up blank. i am not hi tech, so if the other praising one doesn’t show up, know i am wishing and praying your well. ann

  13. fred nice says:

    Dick, you are such an inspiration to so many! You have been a “giant of the faith” to me since I first met you, I think that must have been early 80’s going to hear mini-bible at Walsingham on Monday nights with my parents. Thank you for being so faith-ful to God’s call, we are all the beneficiaries of your diligent faithfullness. Your teaching is so practical and your love and care is so genuine and unconditional. Thanks and Happy Birthday! fred nice

  14. David and Jean Mayer says:

    October 2, 2010

    Dear Dick, How blessed we are to have been introduced to your anointed teaching through the 4 Spiritual Secrets, A Spiritual Compass and the Mini Bible College, to name a few! We praise God for your faithfulness in allowing Him to use you in such a powerful way. You have touched our lives and we send our love and blessings to you on your special birthday.
    Jean & David Mayer

  15. Jim Knicely says:


    Leslie and I want to wish you a very happy 80th birthday. We will miss your celebration here because we will be with Eddie and Grace in China for two weeks visiting the many students (some of whom you have met) who through the means of your legacy here have come to know the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, notwithstanding national differences. We’ve just acquired about 100 of your ministry booklets to give to them — As Eagles, Prescription for Love, for Guidance and 4Rs for Parenting. You’re an inspiration to all of us and to the truth that all we need do is make ourselves available to Him, and He will use us to advance His Kingdom.

    May there be many MORE happy returns as you continue to make yourself available to Him for the works He has preordained for you to walk in,

    In Christ,

    Jim and Leslie

  16. Dick, You’ve been more than a pastor, more than teacher, more than an author, encourager and influencer… for you are also a friend. Thanks for that treasured friendship and your testimony!

  17. Carol & Wally Sale says:

    Dearest Dick,

    As you know,you have been my spiritual Father for decades now and I can never thank God enough for providing such a wonderful Father to me. You have guided me through some of the darkest, deepest valleys of my life and shared the most glorious gifts of the Lord such as my marriage to Wally!

    Thank you is too small to reflect all that I am thankful for in you…but I am trusting you know my heart and how thankful I am to the Lord for you.

    Wally and I love you and Ginny dearly and we are so grateful for all the ways you two have blesssed us!

    Blessings upon Blessings to you! Happy Birthday!

    Carol and Wally

  18. Mike Northrop says:

    Happy birthday Dick. Of all the people I have met in my life,you are the most inspirational to me. I think of you often and really appreciate your friendship. I also love your beautiful wife,Ginny. You have such a wonderful family. I love the picture of all of you in your living room.Susie also sends her love.With love to a great friend, Mike

  19. Dick and Phyl Terman says:

    Happy Birthday, Dick. We thank God for you and Ginny and your amazing ministry to us and so many others over these years! You have clearly demonstrated the miracles that God performs as you have completely yielded your life to Him! We love you and Ginny greatly and look forward to walking the streets of Heaven with you. As Enoch did, you have “walked” with God among us!


    Dick and Phyl

  20. Joohn adnd Maji Robertson says:

    Dear Dick,

    Ihough I came onto the scene rather late, you’ve become such a dear friend, such a steady and inspiring mentor. Our visits with you always leave us with new joy and purpose. And the other millions whom you’ve influenced without ever seeing themm? We are indeed blelsesd to have spent so much time with you and Ginny, visiting, laughing, praying, singing and sharing our joys and consternations. Thank you you both. May He coontinue to bless and use you.


  21. John adnd Marji Robertson says:

    Dear Dick,

    Though I came onto the scene rather late, you’ve become such a dear friend, such a steady and inspiring mentor. Our visits with you always leave us with new joy and purpose. And the other millions whom you’ve influenced without ever seeing them? We are indeed blesesd to have spent so much time with you and Ginny, visiting, laughing, praying, singing and sharing our joys and consternations. Thank you you both. May He continue to bless and use you.


  22. Donald Swope says:

    To My Dear Brother who talks right. Go Steelers!!!!
    Happy 80th birthday. Dick you have been such an inspiration to me. I was a businessman called into the ministry without a lot of formal training. My meeting with you and going through the mini-bible study as been one om my greatest blessings. It has opened the Bible to me in ways I could not have imagined. When I met with you, you were so open and practical that it transformed the way I think. How I looked forward to my Tuesdays with you. I am a richly blessed man. Thank you so much for investing in me. I am taking what you taught me to others and I pray they will take it to others like the ripples on the water . You truly have been the mentor that I searched for through the years of ministry and church planting. God bless you and your beautiful (inside and out) wife Ginny

    Don ( the man who talks right)

  23. Eddie and Grace Liu says:

    Dear Dick:
    Happy birthday to you from Hong Kong. We (Jim & Leslie, Grace & Eddie) will be in Xian, Beijing and Shanghai of China in the coming two weeks to visit young friends whom were either W&M graduates or Summer student workers that God has sent us . We will take your Four Spiritual Secrets and Mini Bible College to them. Grace and I are grateful of your compassion, love and patience in bringing us out of ‘Egypt’, mentoring us through the spiritual desert, and leading us to the maturity of promise land. We are going to miss your birthday party on the Oct. 15. Since your birthday celebration is for the entire month of October, we will be back to Williamsburg in time to visit you and your beautiful bride. God bless you & your family.

  24. brian clare says:


    Happy Birthday Friend!!! I owe much to you and will be praying daily for you. Thanks!!!!!

    Brian Clare

  25. Tammy Griggs Yeakel says:

    Happy 80th Birthday, Thank you for touching so many lives! I know my parents are in heaven today because of your witness to them so many years ago! May God continue to bless you and your family. Love, Tammy

  26. Shirley & Glen Cameron says:

    Dearest Dick, I will always remember when you first came to Norfolk. I often think of the Bible studies we had at Aunt Ruby’s. I also think of Ginny whom I knew before I knew you. We were at Maury at the same time. I recall you on TV with Mildred Alexander, also Va. Beach Community Chapel. We go back a long way. I’m so glad for you. You have indeed reached a big milestone. Glen turned 81 in May. God has used you mightyly and continues to do so. We love you.Keep on keeping on. Say hello to Ginny from us.

    Love to you both.

  27. Lindsay Ambrecht says:

    Dear Pastor Woodward,

    I had the pleasure of meeting you through Virginia when I went to William and Mary. I now go to Georgetown School of Medicine. Two years ago, my bible study at school went through some of the mini bible college series. Our group still talks about how much we loved and needed them at that time! Thank you!

    Have a very HaPpY bIrThDaY!

    Many blessings,
    Love Lindsay

  28. Dr. and Mrs. Siegfried A. Fink (Sig and Pat) says:

    Hi Dick,
    One of the richest times in our lives was when we sat under your ministry. This was a time of much growth in our lives. We continue to listen frequently to your messages and have shared them many times with others. You and Jinny are such an encouragement and blessing to us. Before going to seminary, you asked us how you could help us. “Just your prayers” was our answer. Sig is still working at the hospital, with the courts, agencies and in private evaluations. Through your ministry which was a great jumpstart to us, we have in turn have been able to help others. Thank you Dick on your 80th birthday. Our love and prayers to you and your family. Sig and Pat

  29. Pierre Francis says:

    Dear Dr. Woodward, Love and greetings from Sidon, South Lebanon. Jill and Bonnie (5 years old now) and I wish you a very happy birthday. What a blessing you have been, are and will be for millions on this earth. Translating all of your works into Arabic, and voicning them, was a life changing experience for me. But meeting you when I started, and then when I was finishing, made us see how a genuine servant of the Gospel can have one foot in Heaven, and the other on earth. May the Lord keep you for us for many more years to come, hoping that we can visit you again as a family in the soon future. You provided for us a genuine example of Christian Vicoty despite the weakness of the flesh. Yours in His Service.
    Pierre, Jill and Bonnie Francis.

  30. Simpson says:

    Dear Bro. Dick,
    Greetings from India. How are you.

    I praise God to know that you are celebrating the 80th Birth Day.
    You are a model and inspiration for us. MBC programs have been transforming the lives here in India and around the World. What a blessing to know you and to see how God has been using you to reach the World for the Kingdom. We miss attending the celebration today. But our hearts are there with you.
    Look forward to see you again on our next trip.

    Happy Birth Day.

  31. Suzanne and Ward Scull says:

    Happy Birthday Dick!

    You have been such inspiration and source of encouragement to so many people imcluding ourselves. We have been truly blessed by so many memories with you and Ginny and Virgina.

    We pay pray the Lord’s blessing will continue to be with you and your family throughout this year.

    Again, Happy Birthday on this special day.

    Ward and Suzanne

  32. Edie Rittinger says:

    Dear Dick – It seems only yesterday that I sent birthday wishes for your 65th birthday!! The years fly by, but much remains constant – your solid teachings from the Word, the impact your ministry has around the world, and the high esteem and love of so many, many people whose lives have been impacted and changed by your ministry. I am one of them….I treasure the memory of moments spent in your home in Williamsburg, and talking with you in the kitchen. May the Lord continue to use your gifts to bless many others. It would be lovely to see you again, but for now, these inadequate words will have to suffice. Happy 80th Birthday. With love and blessings, Edie

  33. Joy Martin says:


    We heard about your celebration on friday night – and WE WISH WE COULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!!! I know you must have been greatly encouraged to look back and see all the beauty that God has made with your life, given to God. Thank you for serving Him for so long and for being the patriarch of the Woodwards that inspires us all onto doing God’s work in the world. Thank you also for the faithful prayers for me, Randy, Ty and our boys…. Hope to see you all at Christmas time! much love!!

    Your grandaugher,

  34. Terri Gardner Diehl says:

    Dear Mr. Woodward,
    How do I say thank you for teaching my family to love the Word.I still consider you my pastor after all these years. I remember being in the little building when the Community Chapel was just a few families. You baptized me when I was 13, married me at 20. Greg and I attended your Mini Bible College at Tab. I still listen to old tapes of yours and your MBC on line. You’re such an example to follow especially in your sufferings for truly it demonstrates the Power of God in a simple clay jar. I tell myself, “If Dick can do it, so can I.”
    I wish you a truly blessed birthday!

    From Charles and Juanita Gardner’s daughter,
    Terri Diehl

  35. I am a stranger to you, but one who upon encountering your story for the first time a few minutes ago (in a book entitled “The God Who Hung on the Cross”) immediately felt that it has to be answered prayer for this moment in time in my life. I instantly felt that I have to know this person who lives out one of my favorite passages of scripture, “If the flowers don’t bloom, still I will joy in You…KJV”! So I googled your name with the intent of trying to locate you and get an appointment, and found this precious personal blog posted for your recent birthday by your daughter Virginia. You are living out in real time the hopeful model response that Habakkuk puts before us in the face of the invading armies of his day. As I read about your story (and that of your wife and family) I was amazed at how the Lord so sweetly prepared you though ministering to others who were living through the same thing before allowing this affliction to overtake you–and when it did, the flowers not only continued to bloom in your life, their sweet smell continues to spread and encourage others like me through the wonders of technology. In this blog I decided to try and find out if I could locate you to be able to either speak with you, or better still meet you in person. It would be a wonderful thing if this is possible. I pray that it is. If not, my heart has already been softened, nourished, and fortified by your example and testimony. Lately I have been focussing on the book of Revelation and the eternal importance of our “testimony” well beyond the here and now. Also, on Christ’s messages to the seven churches, whereby He steps in to help them individually with their walk before Him…to remind them of where they have been and where they are going…and to enable them to keep their eye on Him though everything. He lovingly encourages, sternly corrects, sharply rebukes, and at the end offers overcomers such awesome rewards as the hidden manna, the Morning Star, and the most touching of all to me, “if you overcome, I will give you the right to sit with Me on my Throne”. Your story reminds me of these images. Much love, Caroline Debs

  36. Lorenzo says:

    The bible tells in Matthew 6:19-20 “to store up for yourselves treasures in heaven”.

    Pastor Woodward’s treasure contains the joy of thousands and thousands of persons that received the gospel thru his ministry. Praise the Lord for all the people that helped him over the years.

  37. Happy Birthday! Your Granddaughter Joy is my son’s house mother at FCA. I just wanted you to know that the branches of your family tree are reaching out and impacting, in a mighty way, our next generation of leaders!… Last week I returned my son to the dorm around 9pm after a day at home with me, Joy suggested that I listen to some of her dad’s sermons on my long drive back to keep me awake…. This past week I have listened to about 32 hours of sermons from Dean and I just want to say that I appreciate, so much the values you instilled in him and in turn the values he instilled in his daughter and now the values she is helping to instill in my son! We serve a mighty God and I’m proud to call you my brother in Christ!

    Lisa Browning

  38. Joan Norris says:

    Just found you yesterday on the OnePlace app.
    Wow! Thank you for teaching the Bible to me!
    I was recently widowed and have been searching for ways to go deeper with God. I have found buried treasure!
    We will meet in Heaven one day. Until then, thank you
    for the many hours you spent in fellowship with the Word
    to be able to bring us all the jewels you found.
    Joanie Norris, Lakewood, OH

    • Pierre Francis says:

      Love and Greetings and Birthday wishes from Sidon, South Lebanon, to you dear Pastor Woodward. What a joy to know that the Lord is still using you on this earth to be a blessing for millions of poeple. Words are not enough to describe the impact you made on my heart and mind, through translating your 782 radio programs and 33 booklets of the Mini Bible College, or as I called them in Arabic “In the Shades of the Word” We will try to visit you if the Lordallows us to visit the States this Summer. My wife Jill and our daughter Bonnie (7 and a hlaf years now, send you their birthday wishes too. Blessings to you and to Mrs. Woodward. May ou have an enjoyable Easter with the joy of remembering His Resurrection. Pierre Francis

      • Bo Bohanan says:

        Dear Pastor Dick, We have been praying for you often and remember those great days when we met in the gym when WCC was beginning to grow. The Mini Bible College has always been one of the highlights of our growth in Jesus. We pray that you and Ginny continue to do well and are thankful for you. Blessings, Bo and Pat

        *Bo Bohanan* *Director Mid-Atlantic Region* * and Northeast Region* *Military Ministry* *604 Cold Stream Place* *Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452* *757-631-9856 (home)* *757-589-3403 (cell) *

        *”A caring community passionate about connecting the global military community to Jesus Christ”*

        On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 4:36 PM, 4SpiritualSecrets wrote:

        > ** > Pierre Francis commented: “Love and Greetings and Birthday wishes from > Sidon, South Lebanon, to you dear Pastor Woodward. What a joy to know that > the Lord is still using you on this earth to be a blessing for millions of > poeple. Words are not enough to describe the impact you made ” >

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