A Prescription for Doubt

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1)

Have you ever reached the point where you were so overwhelmed with doubt that you considered throwing away your faith?  In the context of the verse above you will discover (in Hebrews 10:35) that you are not the first follower of Jesus Christ to allow that thought.  The verse above was written to professing disciples who were thinking about throwing away their faith.

The author of this verse, and the entire faith chapter which follows, is giving doubting disciples reasons why they should not throw away their faith.  In the first verse of the faith chapter he is telling doubting disciples that they should not throw away their faith because faith gives substance to their hope.

God places the seed of hope in the heart of human beings before they come to faith.  Hope is a conviction that there is something good in this world and one day that good thing is going to happen.  Every year between 25 or 30 thousand people commit suicide in America.  When social scientists study those suicides they conclude that people take their lives because they lose hope or the conviction that something good can happen to them.

God wants your hope to grow into a faith that is based on evidence.  As we will see that evidence is action.  It is what the heroes of faith did as a result of what they believed.  Are you willing to let God grow your hope into a faith that acts like these heroes of faith He introduces to us in this great faith chapter of the Bible?  Then, believe your beliefs, doubt your doubts, and apply what you believe.

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