A Prescription for Fullness

“This is how we know we are in Him: whoever claims to live in Him must walk even as Jesus walked.” (1 John 2:5-6)

In the first sixteen verses of his short letter, the Apostle John tells us about a prescription for fullness.  His prescription comes in seven parts: facts, faith, forgiveness, fellowship, follow-ship, fruitfulness, and then fullness.  His facts are the death and resurrection of Jesus.  When we believe the first fact we have forgiveness.  When we believe the second the result can be fellowship with a risen Christ.

By changing one letter in the word “fellowship” I have come up with the key to John’s prescription for fullness.  When you go through this letter observe the repetition for emphasis of this concept.  You will know that you know when you walk even as Jesus walked.

This word follow-ship is also a key to the fullness emphasized by Jesus.  His covenant with the apostles was “Follow Me and I will make you” (Matthew 4:19).  The most important part of the Great Commission of Jesus occurred when He commissioned the disciples to make disciples (Matthew 28: 18-20). A synonym for discipleship is apprenticeship.  Jesus apprenticed the apostles and He commissioned them to apprentice disciples.

A great claim of Jesus was recorded in the Gospel of John Chapter 7 when Jesus declared that His teaching was the teaching of God.  Jesus also proclaimed that we can prove that when we do his teachings (John 7:17).

According to Jesus the doing leads to the knowing.  Intellectuals have claimed for millenniums that the knowing will lead to the doing.  Jesus said “Oh know, when you do you will know.”  Are you willing to do that you might know the teaching is the Word of God?

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