A Communication Flap

“We have spoken freely to you Corinthians and opened wide our hearts to you… As a fair exchange – I speak as to my children – open wide your hearts also.” (2 Corinthians 6: 11, 13)

Life so often comes down to relationships and relationships are all about communication. The Apostle Paul profiled that reality when he wrote these words.  He also prescribed a solution.  As a summary paraphrase of this passage, Paul is suggesting that each of us has a communication “flap” on our heart.  As a married couple we should be face to face and heart to heart with our communication flaps open.  But, the hard reality is that we are often back to back with our communication flaps closed tight.  The solution Paul models here is that someone must take the initiative and say “I am heart to heart with you and my flap is open.  Be heart to heart with me and open your communication flap.”

Communication in relationships is a problem and a challenge we can face all day long every day in our family, work life and our interaction with people.  It’s so very important to realize that someone has to initiate a solution by saying, in spirit and in principle, to the person with whom they are having a communication conflict: “I am heart to heart with you and my communication flap is open.  Be heart to heart with me and open your communication flap.”

You may be totally amazed at how taking this stance can melt down the obstacles between you and a difficult person. Throughout any given day we face  relational challenges that can be turned around through good and loving communication.  God has to begin with the person who is mature enough to initiate the solution Paul is modeling for us.

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