A Perspective for the New Year

“… as He is, so are we in this world.”  (1 John 4:17)

 Christmas has a twin holiday that slips into so many of our Christmas cards.  Millions of us include in our Christmas cards a letter–complete with family pictures–that give an update on how our year has come and gone.

Economy prophets are now referring to our lingering economic downturn as “The Great Recession.” What security do we have as we begin 2012?

In nine words the aged Apostle of Love gives us a marvelous perspective on security.  There are several ways we can interpret and apply these beautiful words.  We can say it is only because He is that we can be as we should be in this world.  We can say that our security rests in the proposition that He is and He will equip us to be as He wants us to be in this world.

We can say these words mean He lives in us and through us.  For 33 years He had a physical body of His own.  For 2000 years now His followers have been the only body He has.  This presents the challenge that the only Christ the people in this world know is the Christ they see revealed in and through you and me.

As you meditate on the memorial portraits of Christ the New Testament presents to us by those who knew Him, realize these portraits are precisely the way He wants to be revealed to this world through your life and mine today.

The overwhelming personality trait of Jesus Christ was love

Love is as He was and as He is today.

Our purpose is not to be secure but to let the love of Jesus pass to others through our life.

One Response to A Perspective for the New Year

  1. claudiafinn says:

    Oh this is very good to find purpose in allowing
    God’s love to flow.Wanted to make your blog a favorite on mine but couldn’t find the http://number reference. I have trouble with WordPress blogs , mine is a blogger one:)

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