Preparing Us for Heaven

When your body suffers, sin loses its power.”  (1 Peter 4:1 LB)

As you and I grow closer to God, one of two things happens: God burns out of us everything contrary to the essence of His spiritual and holy nature, or our resistance to this process puts our relationship with God in a spiritual “deep freeze.”

Years ago I visited a man who had just experienced a five-artery bypass operation after suffering a massive heart attack.  Involved in much sexual immorality before he became a follower of Christ, he had sought my counsel frequently regarding his continuous battle with a sexually impure thought-life.  When I arrived at his room in the hospital, he extended his hand to me from his oxygen tent and said, “I haven’t had a sexual thought since I entered this hospital!”

What he said reminded me of that part of the verse quoted above by the Apostle Peter, which tells us that sin can sometimes lose its power when we are suffering.  If people were transparent, many would acknowledge the reality that their loving heavenly Father has kept them from much sin by permitting many shades and grades of suffering and limitations.  According to the book of Hebrews (12: 29), and the first letter of the Apostle Peter, God sometimes uses suffering to diminish sin and increase the share of His holy nature with His children.

If a large block of ice and a blowtorch came together slowly one of two things happens: the blowtorch can melt the ice or the ice can extinguish the blowtorch.  God knows His business is to prepare us for heaven.  He is a consuming fire that sometimes uses suffering to do that business.

3 Responses to Preparing Us for Heaven

  1. Richard McFetters says:

    Dear Friend, Mentor, & Teacher:

    Just completed your book “Four Spiritual Secrets” and must tell you that it is an easy read and a very worthwhile one at that. As a matter of a fact, several friends of mine have received their complimentary editions, thanks to you.
    The smallish book is powerful. It is mighty powerful for the person(s) who have just become Christian because like so many of your thoughts, a simple approach to an otherwise complicated matter of thoughts can mature like a young child. It is my prayful hope that someday this book will be made into a pocket size edition that can be carried and given away to many people who are just coming to know our Lord Christ and Dick Woodward.

    Blessings my friend,

    Richard “Mac” McFetters

  2. Richard "Mac" McFetters says:

    As the age of maturity is upon me, sickness seems to come and attached itself like a bad date. I have, however, learned that when I am sick, silence whispers in upon my lips. They are sealed to silence as despair brings my ears closer…closer for to hear the voice of God.
    Sometimes, we write God off as a silent source. Therein remains a compulsion within the hours of pain, forcing silence but listening. It is met with the Promise of the One who truly speaks: This sickness will not end in death.
    Get well and know that God loves you and so do I.

    Richard “Mac” McFetters

  3. Barbara Kirby says:

    Sadly, Richard McFetters passed away on August 16th. I just learned of his passing from friends we had in common. He was truly a man of God and will be missed by many… especially by those whose lives were changed by his ever present belief in God and the amazing ability he had to share his profound faith.

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