A Dialogue with God

“Then the Lord God called to Adam and said to him, ‘Where are you?… And He said, ‘Who told you?’”  (Genesis 3: 9, 11)

A police officer on a motorcycle noticed a large enclosed truck driven down Sixth Street, in Los Angeles, California.  The driver stopped every few blocks, got out of the truck, and beat around the sides of the truck with a large baseball bat. After observing this for some time, the officer turned on his siren, flashed his lights and with strong hand signals ordered the driver to pull over.  The policeman asked the driver, “Mister, as far as I can tell, you’re not breaking the law.  But I just gotta know, what are you doing?”

The truck driver explained, “Officer, this truck here has a capacity of five thousand pounds.  But, you see, I got six thousand pounds of canaries in this truck.  So, I gotta keep a thousand pounds of canaries up in the air all the time!”

When you begin reading the Bible it may surprise you to discover that the first four things God says to us are questions.  Why would the creator God ask questions of the man He has created?  I’m convinced God does this because He knows His creature is up in the air about life.  God loves us too much to leave us without a definition of life and some direction.  He wants to dialogue with us so He can bring what he calls salvation into our life.

Are you up in the air about your life?  Because He loves you God would like to greet you with that question “Where are you?” and follow it with the question “Who told you?” when you respond to Him.

2 Responses to A Dialogue with God

  1. Ronn says:

    Wow! Loved that message Pastor Woodward. As always, thank you and God Bless you.

  2. rmcfetters says:

    Genesis I Verses one through thirty one

    In the beginning the heavens and the earth were void and without form until God “said”. God is recorded as having “said” ten times, and ten creations were formed. God wants a dialogue with you. He wants to communicate.
    Today, there are many ways in which to communicate. There is voice, voice mail, email, texting, twitter, face book, linked-in and the list goes on like a “Bucket List”. Yet, we humans say that God’s voice is not heard.
    Can His voice no longer be revealed in a roar of thunder or the clapping of a hurricane? Is it that our body languages no longer reflect the “smallish, still voice”? A voice barely audible except to the most patient and still to a traveling world?
    Perry Wood, author, ”Secrets of the People Whisperer” is able to train horses in thirty minutes, what other trainers fail to do in thirty days. Observing horses, he realized horses had language of their own and they communicated one to another. This Wood called body language. Wood became a horse whisperer, who whispered into the horses (to be trained) ear. He did not bridle, halter, restrain, or enslave the horse to be trained.
    Maybe society has become so loud with traffic and so fast to communicate, they can no longer hear God’s whisper. Wood goes on to tell us that his experience as a horse whisperer “Leads me to see horses as a mirror; they reflect back very clearly what ever it is that you are communicating to them”.
    No one wants more for people to be unbridled, un-halter than God and Dick Woodward when they simply asked “where are you”. Think for a moment about your body language over the Rock of Ages. Is your total body and mind in Wcc or for that matter any chapel? Wcc fills the air with a freshness of the good news from God and His Son, Our Lord. The chapel can be a living embodiment of God’s presence; encountered in the love and care of the community for one another. The church is not only the body but the Arms of God present. “God Present” rather than “God hidden”….the arms which embrace you when you are hurting. Maybe it is they who carry a paralyzed friend to hear God and the Gospel of Good News that therein is where you are found and are no longer lost. It was not the faith alone that healed the paralyzed man but the faith, also, of his friends.
    Why not “say” to a friend “let’s go to chapel“? Where there is void, form a creation, have a voice that can be heard in the faintest of moments which shows body language such as God’s arms around your world. Be a reflection for others who are haltered, bridled, and restrain by today’s times…there are many.

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