A Communication Prescription

“We have spoken freely to you, Corinthians, and opened wide our hearts to you…As a fair exchange – I speak as to my children – open wide your hearts also.” (2 Corinthians 6:11-13 NIV)

To paraphrase this passage, Paul is suggesting that each of us has a communication “flap” on our heart.  We should be face-to-face and heart-to-heart with our communication flaps open.  But, the hard reality is that we are often back-to-back with our communication flaps down and tightly closed.  The solution Paul prescribes here is that someone must say, “I am heart-to-heart with you, and my communication flap is open.  Be heart-to-heart with me and open your communication flap.”

We face communication challenges every day in our family, work life, and in our interactions with people.  When there is a communication problem it is so very important to realize that someone has to initiate a solution by saying, in spirit and in principle, to the person with whom they are having a communication conflict, “I am heart-to-heart with you, and my communication flap is open. Be heart to heart with me and open your communication flap.”

You may be totally amazed at how taking that stance can melt the obstacles between you and that person with whom you are having a difficult and challenging relationship.  This can be a communication “circuit breaker” that restores communication in a relationship.

Bacteria multiply in the dark but cannot live in the light.  If we do not have good communication in a relationship misunderstandings multiply like bacteria, but when communication is restored it is as if we have turned the light on our relationship.  Most of the bacteria will die and we can address that which doesn’t die with the light of our restored communication.

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  1. “A Communication Prescription”

    Assuredly, if thirsty, we would be drawn to running water. Close by would be land covered in the spring’s grasses and the grasses would be growing at a rapid pace. It is how man should be drawn to this simple lesson as taught by Pastor Dick Woodward.
    One of the greatest challenges of the day for non-profit organizations, especially 501 (3) C’s is communications. Any series of university classes on Risk Management will teach a person that eighty percent of dysfunctional relationships come from misunderstood communications.
    Authors Layne and Paul Cutright “Straight from the Heart” say
    We live on our own solitary islands of reality, absorbed in and fascinated by our own points of view. Frequently we reach out to one another seeking to understand or be misunderstood. The bridge between our separate realities is Communication…is to relate.”
    Our societies today are multi-national, multi-cultural and laid over with social media. International connectivity is like the Spring grasses where beauty appears. We later discover that the beauty we thought we had was a bitter entrenchment rather than a full relationship of Hope.
    Dick in paragraph two line four teaches, “I am heart to heart with you and my communication flap is open”. If we are to eliminate lost relationships, we must guard our communication flaps with face-to-face, heart-to-heart endeavors. It is a daunting world of words but God is yet the giver of words and wisdom.
    “Remain in me; said Jesus to his disciples before going to the cross, “and let my words remain in you”.

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