What the Love of God Looks Like

“Let the one who is wise consider these things and see in them the loving kindness of the Lord.” (Psalm 107:43).

Psalm 107 is a great hymn of redemption.  In each of the five stanzas this inspired hymn writer profiles a different dimension of redemption the people of God experience.  Each description ends with the hymn writer exhorting the redeemed of the Lord to thank the Lord for His goodness to them and His wonderful works in their lives. He demands that if they are redeemed, the people of the Lord should step up and say so!

An extraordinary ministry to high school young people brings their year to a conclusion with a wonderful week of camp meetings in the summer.  They bring that week to a verdict with what they call a “say so” meeting when they encourage young people who have come to faith to step up and say so!

In each of the five stanzas in Psalm 107 the hymn writer profiles how the Lord has redeemed His people from their chaos, their chains, their foolish choices, their crises, and their complacency.  Then he writes a profound summary of the various vehicles God uses to make these things happen:

He turns rivers into deserts and deserts into flowing springs.  They have very fruitful harvests.  Then He diminishes them and they are brought low.  At that point He blesses them.  Their numbers greatly increase and God does not let their herds diminish.

He writes that spiritually wise people will observe these events and see in them what the love of God sometimes looks like.

When these “ups and downs” happen to you, are you spiritually wise enough to see in them what the love of God can sometimes look like for you?

3 Responses to What the Love of God Looks Like

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