“…  work out your salvation…  for it is God who works in you.”   (Philippians 3: 12)

The Bible is filled with paradoxes.  A paradox is something that appears to be a contradiction, but when examined closely, you discover there really is no contradiction.   There are times when a paradox is not a contradiction because the two propositions stated by the paradox could both be true; they could be both complementary and supplementary.  They are often resolved when you realize that it is not either/or but both/and.

THE ELEVENTH STEP:  Keep moving.

The Scriptures tell us we can miss the will of God because we are in a hurry and God is not.  When that is the case, we need to wait on the Lord (Selah).  There are other times when we miss the will of God because we are sitting on our apathetic and indecisive immaturity, demonstrating our lack of faith and courage, and the Lord moves on without us.  These two apparently opposite concepts are really not contradictory.  It is not either/or, but both/and.  The truth is we sometimes need to wait on the Lord and at other times need to keep moving.

We have an adversary who does not wish us well.  His first strategy is to make us into lazy, indecisive, apathetic, spiritual wimps, who miss the will of God because we lack the faith and courage to follow the leading of the Lord.  If that fails, he will turn us into obsessive, compulsive workaholic movers, shakers and doers who miss the will of God because we are out-reaching His will for our lives, running far ahead of the Lord.

Obviously, we all need balance to discern and do the will of the Lord.

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