A Principle of Deliverance

“And it came to pass… that the Lord brought the children of Israel out of Egypt.” (Exodus 12: 51)

The words “salvation” and “deliverance” are synonyms.  The deliverance of the children of Israel as described in the book of Exodus is therefore also an allegory of salvation.  This allegory demonstrates what we might call “A Principle of Deliverance” when God is delivering people from addictions of sin today.  Modeled in the dialogue between Moses and Pharaoh, Moses respresents Christ and Pharaoh is the evil one.

For example, observe what Pharaoh says after Moses demanded the release of God’s people when God sent the first plagues:“You can go but do not leave Egypt.” (Exodus 8:25) After a few more plagues, Pharaoh again agrees to release the people but he says: “Well, you can go, but do not go very far.”  (8:28) More plagues and Pharaoh says: “All right, you can go, but… leave your children in Egypt.” (10:8-10) More persuasive plagues and Pharaoh says, “You can go, but leave your flocks and herds in Egypt.”  (Exodus 10:24)

When people come to faith today the evil one will tempt them to practice their faith “in Egypt” as a worldly believer practicing the values of their secular culture.  Then he will tempt them with, “You have come to faith but don’t go very far with your faith.”  Then the temptation is to not let your faith pass on to your children.  A final attempt at keeping a person addicted to the slavery of sin is to “Leave your flocks and herds in Egypt,” or don’t let your faith affect your pocketbook.

The principle of deliverance illustrated in the book of Exodus is: Never, never, never compromise with evil and remain enslaved and addicted in your “Egypt.

2 Responses to A Principle of Deliverance

  1. I’ve never noticed the different answers of the Pharaoh and likened it to the way we can be enticed by sin.What a beautiful way to encouragement to think and meditate on this passage..

  2. Kitty says:

    Interesting to me that the word “addiction” is included… Addiction to Sin. I have never thought of it that way… And seeing the bargaining that went on and recognizing the ways I bargain with myself over such simple addictions as coffee and sweets… this is just very, very enlightening to me. An “ah-hah” ! moment of recognition…. Thank you.

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