Revelation or Medical Scoop?

“Whoever touches the body of anyone who has died… that person shall be cut off from Israel.”  (Numbers 19:13)

In 1970 a medical doctor named S. I. McMillen wrote a book entitled None of These Diseases.  In his book Dr. McMillen highlighted practices Moses mandated like quarantines and sterilization of medical instruments.  As quoted above, if a person had contact with a dead body (and in other verses someone who was sick), they were considered unclean for seven days and quarantined from the rest of the population.

Dr. McMillen referenced the discovery of a low percentage of ovarian cancer at Mount Sinai hospital in New York City, which research traced to the fact that Jewish husbands were circumcised as mandated by Moses.  This led to the common practice of circumcising male babies.  At the end of each chapter this doctor raises the question: did Moses scoop medical science by thousands of years, or did he have a revelation from God as he claimed?

This should convince us that the Bible is in fact the Word of God.  And it should inspire us to follow the wise counsels of the Bible ourselves and then share them with others.  As a young pastor I was mentored by Dr. Henry Brandt, a Christian clinical psychologist. He encouraged me to use the wise counsels in the Bible as I helped those in my congregation who had many problems.

As I did I found the Bible to be filled with counseling for the problems people had with worry, stress, personal peace, prayer, guidance, love, marriage, the dynamic to cope and other issues. The best marriage counseling in the world is in the Bible.

Do you believe you can trust the counseling you find in the Bible?

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