The Go-To Prayer

“But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, ‘Lord, save me!’” (Matthew 14:30)

The Apostle Peter is the only man besides Jesus Christ who ever walked on water.  Yet millions only remember that he took his eyes off the Lord and would have drowned if the Lord had not saved him.

We read that Peter’s magnificent faith was flawed.  He saw the wind.  Since we cannot see wind this actually means when he saw what the wind was doing, he lost sight of what Jesus was doing and he became afraid.  The remarkable thing here is that when he kept his eyes on Jesus, he walked on water!

It was not until he was beginning to sink that Peter cried out this prayer.  Two thousand years later, this remains a go-to prayer for us all through the many storms of life.  Jesus taught that our prayers should not be long and we should never think we will generate grace with God by our many words.  If Peter had prayed a longer prayer, the words beyond the third would have been glub, glub glub! When Jesus caught Peter by the hand He gave him the nickname, “Little Faith.” (I believe our Lord was smiling when He did.) He literally asked Peter: “Why did you think twice?”

While very ill the past two weeks many people have been recruited to pray for me.  Yesterday it occurred to me that I had not prayed for myself.  I then fervently pleaded this prayer that the Lord always answers:  Lord, save me!

In your spiritual walk, don’t think twice and don’t be a “Little Faith.”  Instead, learn to plead this prayer…and soon you will find your way through the stormy waves of life walking on water.

(Editor’s Note:  As he recovers from a severe bronchial infection, Dick Woodward had a wee bit of extra assistance from his Blog Posting Elf getting his words online.  Prayers appreciated!)

6 Responses to The Go-To Prayer

  1. Teresa Taylor says:

    Get well soon, Pastor!

  2. John Paine says:

    Praying for a full and speedy recovery (and for the editor/elf)!

  3. Cindy Kranich says:

    Thrilled to see a new blog posting and hoped it meant you’re feeling better. Glad you are getting assistance from your blog posting elf! Luv, BooBoo

  4. grand-player says:

    Praying for our sweet little brown eyed preacher. Pepper and Gwen.

  5. Rev Art Jensen says:

    Dick – you are God’s treasure teaching His Word. I pray for you constantly

  6. bodybuilding says:

    Rather good publish. I recently found your current web site in addition to needed to say that We’ve actually enjoyed checking your website posts. In any event We’re checking inside your nourish exactly what hoping you are writing again as soon as possible!

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