A Strength Formula

“When I am weak then I am strong…” (2 Corinthians 12:10)

In these eight words the Apostle Paul gives us a strength formula.  When people are having a serious operation, instead of counting to 10 as the anesthesiologist administers the medicine that knocks them out, I suggest they say these eight words.  While most of us are ‘control freaks,’ after experiencing the full effects of anesthesia we give up all control.  But, as believers when we give up all control, we will find underneath the everlasting arms. (Deuteronomy 33:27)  This makes us stronger than we have ever been.

Paul, quoting Isaiah, writes the key to spiritual strength is that God gives strength to the weary and power to the weak. One translation reads that God’s strength looks good on weak people.  The key to spiritual strength is therefore not found in our strength but in our weakness. These eight words are therefore the formula for strength.  They will give you great spiritual strength in your time of absolute weakness.  Discover with the Apostle Paul that God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness, not in trying to make ourselves strong.  We find our greatest strength in the Everlasting Arms that are there underneath us.

Prove what Isaiah and Paul teach us.  The everlasting arms are there and they give us more strength than we have ever known as healthy active people.  The next time you experience weakness on any level of life remember to pray these eight words: “When I am weak then I am strong.”

You will soon find yourself saying, “I’m not but He is; I can’t, but He can;” and then, “I didn’t but He did” when you let God perfect His strength in your weakness.

Editor’s Note:  After a health hiatus from blogging, Papa (Dick Woodward) is back. We so appreciate the prayers that have lifted him up during abject weakness the past 6 weeks, beginning with a severe 2 week bronchial infection, a week in the hospital where he was treated for heart failure, and a severe 10-day stomach virus that has left him completely pooped out. Although only 30% of Papa’s heart now functions & for many days he couldn’t even speak, his strength and continued presence with us is totally by God’s miraculous grace.  Thank you for your continued prayers.

The Blog Posting Elf  (Dick’s daughter, Virginia)

11 Responses to A Strength Formula

  1. Susan Johnson says:

    God bless you, Dick and Ginny Woodward. Thank you for the strength found in weakness that you share with us all so that we can rest in His everlasting arms. I am so grateful for you and your family as you continue to minister to us as a flock!
    Susan Johnson

  2. Robbie Yeaman says:

    Dick, I am constantly lifted up by your faith/belief and by Virginia’s diligence and steadfast care. You are a light shining bright as we seek to build and be disciples, learners and teachers. Thank you for being part of the kingdom of heaven right here among us today as he continues to love all of us so stubbornly. Your brother, Robbie Yeaman

  3. Cynthia Young says:

    I’ve never had the privilege of meeting Dick, but I know of him through my sister, who’s a member of the Chapel, and feel I know him through his writing, which has edified and strengthened me through a year of change and challenge. I thank God for Dick’s ministry and want him to know what a difference his teaching has made in my life. May the blessings of God pour out onto and into Dick Woodward and those he loves.
    Cynthia Williams Young

  4. George Morrison says:

    It is a delight, even in this kind of situation, to meet the man who has been and continues to a great inspiration to me. I have heard so much about you from Dr. Jim Gills and Robert Leatherwood with ICM. I am a part of Dr. Jim”s Monday am Bible study where we shared recently some of your videos. You are awe inspiring to me and all those who are so greatly blessed by your ministry. If I may presune on your kindness for a moment, I want to pray for you and your family. Dear heavenly Father, i bring my brother in the Lord boldly into your presence, seeking your great grace and merciful kindness and especially, your healing hand in Dick’s most recent bout with, well, let’s just call it the “crud” that has infected his body of late. Father, we come to You in the Name of Jesus, to place your hand of healing, not only to do with the crud, but his overall physical condition. Father, I have been around long enough and seen enough to know that absolutely nothing is impossible for You. Lord, I ask that You will anoint Dick through the power of Your Holy Spirit touch and heal Dick from all infirmity, body, soul, and spirit. I ask this in the name above all names, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We thank you in advance, Father, that all of this will be done according to Your perfect will for Dick’s health and well being. Amen and Amen. God continue to bless and keep you doing what you do so beautifully.

    In His Name,

    George Morrison

  5. Rev Art Jensen says:

    Well done, Ginny! Hope your dad is doing well. All of you are in my prayers.

  6. John Paine says:

    Now we’re talking! So glad to hear from both of you…I’ll keep praying. God bless!

  7. John o says:

    Thanks for the strength you give us all! God bless

  8. Virginia Phillips says:

    Praying for you!

    Virginia C Phillips Sent from my iPad


  9. Cooka Shaw says:

    Sooo glad to see Dick’s blog back! Praises to God & cheers to Dick!

  10. Cindy Kranich says:

    It is so good to reflect on this marvelous truth that, “God’s grace is sufficient for me and His strength is made perfect when I am weak!” I’m truly amazed at God’s power demonstrated in extraordinary ways thru this whole ordeal. I’m missing you already! Luv, BooBoo

  11. claudiafinn says:

    What a wonderful gift to read this report today!! I am very thankful for what God has done!!

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