A Prayer for Marriage & Home

“And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.”  (Ephesians 5:2)

In the epistles of Peter and Paul, the model for marriage is Christ and the Church.  It is meant to be a total communion of two whole personalities, and that is pictured in the communion between Christ and His Bride, the Church.  It is a spiritual intimacy.  While physical unity involves mutual, unconditional commitment, there must also be a spiritual quality in the relationship:  unselfish, others-centered love of the risen, living Christ as it is being expressed through both the husband and the wife.

If you sincerely desire a Christ-centered marriage and home, earnestly pray this prayer:

“O loving Heavenly Father, bless this house.  Bless this house with the light of Your presence.  Energize with the love of Your Spirit the relationships that make this house a home.

May the light, the life, and the love of the risen, Living Christ so empower and control us that we will be Christ’s representatives when we come in, when we go out, and especially as we live together under this roof and within these walls.

Heal us as persons, that we might have a wholesome partnership, ad be wise and loving parents.  Show us how to access Your grace all day long, every day.  We pray that everything we do here in this house will be done by Christ, in Christ, and for Christ.

Make this home a symbol of hope that will point to the One Who put this home together in His Word, Who brought it together through His Spirit and Who alone can keep it together by His grace.

In the glorious and victorious name of Jesus Christ.


Dick Woodward, God’s Prescription for Marriage & Family

One Response to A Prayer for Marriage & Home

  1. Akano Gbemiga says:

    Good day sir,
    . my name is Gbemiga Akano, and I studied christian religious studies In one of the best university in Nigeria. Sir, pls am looking for Religious scholars view concerning Gay marriage. But as for me its has a big occultic influence to those pushing for it. And its a way of bringing the world to an end as fast as possible. A very vivid example is the issues of Sodom and Gomorra which was recorded in the old testament in the bible. We do not know much about other sins committed by this people but we are all aware of same sex sexual intercourse. And also, it like breaking or defiling God laws of creation. He created a man and a woman first. He never start by creating two man first then a woman… Sir, the bottom line is I want to write a very good article about same sex but I need Scholars critical opinion to work on. Thanks and God bless you sir.
    . Akano Gbemiga

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