Dick Woodward (October 25,1930 – March 8, 2014)

Since today marks the two year anniversary of Dick Woodward’s passing, the Editor would like to share something a little different from ICM’s website.  Instead of words from Dick Woodward, here are words about Dick Woodward from one of ICM’s African ministry partners:

17 March 2014

We have just learnt about the departure of our Leader, Teacher and trainer Rev Dick Woodward, that we have come to know and love for some years now and whose teaching has been and still will be the foundation and the guidance to our churches, correcting our marriages shaping our doctrines and illuminating our understanding with the Mini Bible College, he is and will be always a blessing to our churches and pastors and mostly to myself and family.

What will be my excuse before God? What will be your excuse before God? If Woodward could do what he did in the ability of his God, what will be your excuse with the same God?

If Woodward could despise his pain and serve his God to the last day of his life and impact so many lives up to my little village – what will be my excuse?

Let us continue to perpetuate the purposes he lived for.

Our Pastor is not gone he is still with us through his work although he sleeps in death.

Amen – (from the Editor!)

Mama and Papa bedDick & Ginny Woodward in their “African Outfits” the Editor had made for them in Tanzania (worn on Sundays to dress up!) Now they’re worshiping together with Jesus in the Presence of Everlasting Love…

4 Responses to Dick Woodward (October 25,1930 – March 8, 2014)

  1. RALPH Miller says:

    I thank God for Dick’s life and work every day. I was so privileged to know and spend time with him.

  2. Mike Jacobs says:

    Dick’s teaching and words are still shaping and continuing to guide me in my faith journey. I am better disciple because of how God used Dick in my life. I look forward to the day we can worship together again.

  3. Laura Irwin says:

    Grateful for Pastor Woodward’s love of God’s word and his faithful teaching of the word. His teaching helped plant a firm foundation of faith in my life when I was a young teen new to faith and as I grew into adulthood. Forever grateful!

  4. Virginia says:

    Thank you all for your love for Papa & these encouraging words that have blessed the heart of “The Editor”!!

    grace, peace & comfort : )

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