Experiencing Unity & Celebrating Diversity

“For in fact the body is not one member but many.”   (1Corinthians 12:14)

A great Scripture in the New Testament about the way a church is to function is chapter 12 of First Corinthians. After the Apostle Paul uses the words diversity and oneness several times, he brings these two opposite concepts together in his inspired metaphor that the Church is to function as a body.

He writes that it is not either/or but both/and; that diversity should be celebrated rather than resolved. As diverse members of the body of Christ come together in ministry there are let it happen people, make it happen people, don’t know what’s happening people, and don’t know anything is supposed to be happening people.

Let it happen people desperately need make it happen people. And the other two kinds of people obviously need the first two kinds of people. The truth is we all need each other to function as a team, a body, and a Church.

There are Mary and Martha people and they both need each other. Marthas often do not appreciate Marys because they think they are unorganized. But Marys need Marthas and Marthas need to realize that if it were not for Marys there would not be anything to organize.

Are you fitting in with people who have what you do not have, and sharing with them what you have that they do not have?

When we experience unity while celebrating diversity we do not have uniformity but a supernatural community that is in reality the body of our risen and living Lord Jesus Christ.

Dick Woodward, 25 June 2013

2 Responses to Experiencing Unity & Celebrating Diversity

  1. Too many Christians (mainly name Christians) do forget that Jesus asks us to be one with him like he is one with his heavenly Father. They think that oneness of Jesus with God means Jesus is God, forgetting by that, in such case we too would be God and at the same time Jesus.

    Also concerning oneness, one in Christ and one in faith, lots of people wrongly think one has to be totally thinking the same way as the other and agreeing on all aspects on the same matters. This should not have to mean that, to be in unity one can have still disagreements on certain matters. Unity does not mean the same thoughts on all level, but speaks more of an equality or acceptance of difference in thought.

    Though all those in Christ should first of all follow Christ, which mean have the same God as Christ (Who is One Singular Spirit Being and not Jesus himself, who is a human being) and secondly follow his teachings, i.e have an attitude according to the Will of God and doing the requested works of faith. Thirdly they should share the love of Christ and as such respect all creations (man, animal and plant). Against other human beings a real follower of Christ should share the agapè love and should show that though there may be many very different groups in Christianity or even in when looking at Christendom, they all should be elements or parts of the body of Christ and live in consideration and respect with each other.

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