“… God called to the man, “Where are you?”  (Genesis 3:9)

When we know we could get lost we should make sure we have a compass with us. Jet pilots fly so far so fast they must have a compass to use when they think they are lost. A squadron commander I knew taught his pilots to use this five-fingered compass:


They were to immediately CONFESS when they thought they might be lost. Then they were to CLIMB because communications are better and they burn less fuel with altitude. Next they were to pull back on the throttle to CONSERVE fuel. The final two points on their compass were critical:  to COMMUNICATE with their carrier and then COMPLY with that communication. 

The squadron commander promised if they faithfully implemented the five points on this compass they would see the red light on their carrier called the “meat ball” that guided them to a safe landing.

If we realize we have lost our direction in life we must confess that we are lost. Then we should climb and do whatever we can do to get close to God. This could be having a private spiritual retreat or seeking out spiritual people. We should not make big decisions but conserve when we have lost our way.  The last two points on our personal compass are also critical: we must communicate with God and comply with what we believe He makes us know we are to do. (John2:5)

If we will faithfully implement the five points on this compass we will see the “meatball” of His will that will guide us to green pastures in this life and to a safe landing in the house of the Lord forever.

Dick Woodward, 01 October 2012

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