Happy Birthday in Heaven, Dick!

“The days of our lives are seventy years; and if by reason of strength they are eighty years… Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” (Psalm 90:10-12)

When I was 25 years old I attended a conference for pastors. Our speaker was a famous pastor who had snowy white hair. I felt sorry for him because he was so very old. As he started to speak his first words to us were: “I’m old. I’m gloriously old, but I wouldn’t be as young and ignorant as you are for anything in the world!”

I was feeling sorry for him because he was so old, while he was feeling sorry for me because I was so young.

In many cultures age is considered a plus because wisdom comes with age. Psalm 90 makes the statement we reach 80 years of age “by reason of strength.” I have had a debilitating disease since 1978. By God’s grace, I have found the strength which comes from the Lord and is exhibited in the showcase of my physical weakness.

I was born eighty years ago today (25 Oct), so these verses resonate with me in a personal way. Two of the ways Moses exhorts us to apply this psalm is to number and value our days to gain a heart of wisdom about how we should spend them.

He then concludes his psalm asking God to show us the work God wants us to do, so that God’s glory might appear to our children. His last words invite God to anoint the work God reveals to us.

Dick Woodward, 25 October 2010

Editor’s Note: Today is Dick Woodward’s birthday. He would have turned 92! The fact that he was 83 when he passed as a bedfast quadriplegic in 2014 is nothing short of miraculous. But everyone who knew Dick can probably still hear his voice saying, “I can’t, but God can… I didn’t but God did.” (In other words, even when he couldn’t do anything but nod his head, God did miraculous things in and through him.) After 28 years as a quadriplegic, today his spiritual legs are running along Heavenly pavements with his precious Ginny, basking in the everlasting love of Jesus. The blog posting elf wishes her Papa Happy Birthday in Heaven!

4 Responses to Happy Birthday in Heaven, Dick!

  1. Rene Bowditch says:

    I do too! Happy heavenly birthday Dick! Forever grateful for you and your influence on my life!! YOU brought me to the Lord!

  2. Sharon Perry says:

    Love this Sis, thank you for faithfully posting the Spiritual Secrets blog! It’s such a blessing to so many. ….And don’t we miss his presence with us?? He was such a gift to our family, and Mom too of course, (as they were definitely a pair!) And he/they bless us still! Hugs to you, Sis!😘🎊🎊🎊🙏

  3. Kathy Brady says:

    My sweet brown-eyed pastor that led me to the Lord back in 1980! Forever grateful for his mini-bible college and a group of believers that built the foundation of the Williamsburg Community Chapel.
    I applaud your faithfulness to your sheep in your case.

  4. Cindy Kranich says:

    Thanks for remembering Dad on his birthday, Blog Elf!!

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