Conduits of God

December 13, 2011

“… Wise men came saying, “Where is he?” (Matthew 2: 1, 2)

 The Christmas cards tell us that wise men still seek Him.  Wise men still find Him.  Wise men still worship Him and give gifts to Him.  We can add this observation: wise men still ask the question, “Where is He?”

If we want to know where He is today we should look where the Love is.  Paul writes that He is a specific quality of love (1Corinthians 13: 4-7).  If we will tap into that quality of love we will find ourselves connecting with God and discover that God is connecting with us (1 John 4: 16).

The great Christmas word is “incarnation” (“in flesh” John 1:14). The Bible tells us that incarnation also means relocation. God wants to express the quality of love He is where people are hurting.  If we will intentionally place ourselves where people are hurting, as we become conduits of His love that address their pain we will discover where He is and where we want to be for the rest of our life.

We must also look where the Light is.  We can deliberately place ourselves where the spiritual darkness is and ask God to pass His light through us and address their darkness.

And we should look where the Life is.  The Apostle John writes that God has given us a quality of life he labels “eternal life” (1John 5: 11, 12).  We can experience this quality of life ourselves and we can become conduits of that Life for others.

We can go or God may place us where the hurting, the darkness and the low quality of life are.  Then we can be conduits of God.  That’s when we discover by experience where He is.