The Power Behind All Things

“For… through Him… are all things…” (Romans 11:36)

The Apostle Paul concludes Romans with a profound benediction where he tells us that God is the power behind all things.  This claim is preceded by his declaration that God is the Source of all things and it is followed by his announcement that the glory of God is the purpose for all things.

I resonate in a special way with this middle part of his benediction because I have been experiencing chronic fatigue since 1978.  Since as a bed fast quadriplegic I now have no strength of my own, it is impossible for me to be involved in the work of God unless God is the Power behind all the work He wants me to do for Him in this world.

It is the plan of God to use the power of God in the people of God to accomplish the purposes of God according to the plan of God. The Bible is filled with stories that illustrate this proposition.  To this end we continuously read that God delights in doing extraordinary things through very ordinary people while He uses His power in them to accomplish His purposes.

Sadly, many people think God cannot use them because they are just ordinary people.  But the more ordinary we are increases the glory God receives when He works through us.  God can anoint our tool kit and our skill set when we surrender our will to His.  He can also add spiritual gifts to our life we do not have before we bring our ordinariness to Him and lay it at His feet.

Are you willing to do that and prove that God is the power behind all things?

2 Responses to The Power Behind All Things

  1. PJ says:

    Just this morning a web site pointed me to Eph.1:19 “And what is the immeasurable greatness of HIS power IN US WHO BELIEVE, according to the working of HIS great might” and I realized that the little bit I do for Him He has used beyond anything I am capable of. The old saw is true that God is not looking for ability but for availability! Perhaps this is part of His wonderful sense of humor.

  2. Dear Pastor Woodward,
    My husband, now deceased,attended the Bible Class you held at the old Met Ball Park at Military Highway and Princess Anne Rd. He came home from them and told me what a good Bible teacher you were. When you started the Mini-Bible College at Virginia Beach Community Chapel, he and I both attended it. I have your teaching on both CD’s and books of the Old and New Testaments, which I frequently use when I am called on to teach S.S. Plus your teaching has been a great help in applying them to my life.

    The last time I heard you teach was at TAB church in Norfolk – you were then in a wheel chair. Your have been a great role model for all Christians.

    I am happy to be able to help spread the Word of God to foreign countries by my small contributions to ICM


    Most Sincerely,
    Esther Meador

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