The Purpose for All Things

“For… to Him are all things… To Him be the glory forever! Amen.” ..(Romans 11:36)

The Apostle Paul concluded the argument of his greatest theological masterpiece with an inspired benediction in which he declared that God is the Source of all things, He is the Power behind all things and the glory of God is the purpose for all things.

When Paul puts these two words “all things” together as quoted above he is referring to all the things he has written about in his letter to believers in the city of Rome.  He then concludes his inspired and the most comprehensive explanation of the Gospel ever written by quoting Isaiah: “Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments (decisions) and His ways past finding out!” That is followed by his benediction as referenced above.

I come to this truth on the day when many who love me are celebrating my 80th birthday.  A secular motivational speaker, Dale Carnegie, wrote that the most beautiful sound in the world to a man is the sound of his own name.  I disagree with him because there is a sense in which I do not even like the sound of my name.  To me the most beautiful sound in the world is the name of Jesus Christ because apart from Him I would be a zero with the circle rubbed out.

As I reflect on Paul’s benediction I have made the commitment that I do not want to pour my life into any venture unless I am certain that God is the Source of it, He is the Power behind it and the glory of God is its purpose.  How does this benediction impact your mindset?

2 Responses to The Purpose for All Things

  1. PJ says:

    Yesterday I heard Joni Ereckson Tada on the radio. She told about “wishing on a star” so often to have her body working again. She felt the scripture promises of Jesus doing whatever we asked in His name, and many others, would give her what she asked. Then she saw the verses about suffering with Christ (she cited several) and realized what she really should wish for was to be closer to Jesus, and that was richly answered.
    Imagine if Joni had not been paralyzed. All the beautiful testimony of her faith despite her weakness, all the worldwide work for the handicapped, all the blessings for so many would not have happened.
    The same for YOU, dear Christian Blessing. Your weakness and His strength, His power, got His work done in you! Thank You, Lord, for Dick Woodward!

  2. Mark S. says:

    Dick, that verse came ringing home for me when I first read it in The Message. I had never been struck by the full import of those words. Peterson provides it as –
    Everything comes from Him,
    Everything happens through Him,
    Everything ends up in Him.
    Always praise! Always glory!
    Yes. Yes. Yes.

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