Spiritual Vitamins

“…  As newborn babes, earnestly desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby…” (1 Peter 2:2)

If babies do not receive their formula they will not survive.  Peter is writing that those who are spiritual “babies” should very earnestly desire the pure milk of the Word of God that they may grow.  When he writes this he uses Greek words that mean they should go after the Word the way babies go after the nipple, knowing their sustenance and growth depend on the nourishment they are receiving at their mother’s breast.

In addition to the Word of God there are other spiritual vitamins that bring us spiritual nutrition.  Whether we are new in the faith, or have been walking with God for many years, we need spiritual vitamins like prayer, worship, fellowship with other believers, and a relationship with the risen, living Christ.  We also need to find and cultivate the works of service for which we have been saved.

Although the Apostle Paul emphatically writes that we are not saved BY good works he also writes emphatically that we are saved FOR good works (Ephesians 2: 8-10).  Serving the Lord and bringing forth the fruit that lasts is a vitamin we critically need for the growth and development of our faith.  Jesus taught that God will start answering our prayers when we understand this (John 15:16).

Having visited both the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea I have observed the beauty of the Sea of Galilee which has an outlet, and the Dead Sea which has no outlet.  It is like that with us.  If we do not have the outlet of service that makes us fruitful we are stagnant and do not grow.

Are you getting your spiritual vitamins?


One Response to Spiritual Vitamins

  1. janet says:

    These words helped alot “We also need to find and cultivate the works of service for which we have been saved.”
    In my heart I believe God is calling me to be of service, which I am at times “embarrased” to disclose to others. I know I am not worthy of such an undertaking but “he is”. Maybe I need more growth and development before truly acting on what I believe is in my heart. There must be a reason I have not truly acted on this “nudging.” Dick, 4
    spiritual secrets have been pivital in my journey. I am close to WCC and I wish I had seen this website sooner. Thanks be to God.

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