An Inspired Art Gallery

“So the Word became human and made his home among us.” (John 1:14 NLT)

 The Gospel of John is like an inspired Art gallery.  Every chapter of the Gospel is like a room in that gallery with beautiful portraits of Jesus Christ hanging on the walls.  In the first room, the portrait is that of Jesus as the Word that became human to make His home among us.

If you want to communicate a great idea wrap it in a person.  God does that all the way through the Bible.  He communicates the concept of faith by wrapping it in the person of Abraham.  He tells us what grace is by wrapping that beautiful concept in the person of Jacob.

What does it mean when we are told that Jesus is the Word?  A word is the vehicle of a thought.  When I want to communicate thoughts that are in my mind to your mind I use words as vehicles of my thoughts.  God had ‘Thought’ that He wanted to express to this world.  Jesus was like a beautiful comprehensive Word that expressed the Thought of God to this world – and to you and me.

Our loving Heavenly Father decided that an inspired written Word was not enough.  He wanted us to see His expressed thought in human flesh and blood.  He therefore became human and made His home with us so we could see and experience His expressed thought toward us.

The Word not only made His home among us – He wants to make His home in us.  If He has done that for you, what great ideas does He want to communicate to others by wrapping them in your life?


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