A Formula for Faithfulness

“Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.”  (1 Corinthians 4:2)

Paul declared that the greatest virtue of a servant of the Lord is faithfulness.

The story is told of a man who was told by God to push against a huge rock as his primary work for a lifetime.  The man did that and exhausted, burned out and discouraged told the Lord that rock had not moved a centimeter.  The Lord responded that He had not told the man to move the rock, but to push against it.  He made the observation that pushing against the rock had given him a strong healthy and muscular body.  God knew all along that only He could move that rock.

This leads to an acrostic based on the word push.  It goes like this:

P- Pray

U– Until

S– Something

H– Happens

I am now living in by 82nd year of life.  One of the observations I have made in my long life is that God is our Mentor.  He is always teaching us and He is fiercely committed to the proposition that we are going to grow spiritually and in every other way.  He deliberately assigns us tasks that are not only difficult but impossible knowing that those tasks will grow and mature us into a faithful servant He can use to do through us what only He can do in this world.

Another observation without which I could not function as a human being or especially as a pastor is what I call four spiritual secrets.  They are that I’m not, I can’t, I don’t even want to but He is He can He wants to and He does.

So push and pray until He does work through you.

One Response to A Formula for Faithfulness

  1. Richard "Mac" McFetters says:


    Dear Friend, Mentor, & Teacher:

    Some years ago, a lifelong friend came to visit . He wanted to go to Southside Virginia Beach and North-East North Carolina shoreline. A place called Carova. To exercise and fulfill this desire, it was a long journey around with twenty six miles of sand to cross by a four wheel drive vehicle, or go by a small skiff across some waters which were shallow. From time-to-time, the waters could be rough and the winds could be high.
    Our election was by way of a small skiff; Reaching the Outer Banks, on the inner side, early and prior to Sunrise. After docking the skiff, we walked over the sand dunes and up the shore line where the salty waters met the sandy land. As we approached the state(s) line, we could see a fence extended a far distance out into the water and pylons holding the wired fence. It was amazing to realize that there are always two states whether it is with territory or personal.
    The sun rose right on time, always constant. The pylons stood straight but looked like “sticks in the sand”. As the sun passed the pylons, a shadow was formed that everyone could see. Time was passing.
    To me, this episode of events is like meeting God through Jesus Christ. It is not always easy to recognize the meaning of the Word or Jesus’ meaning. Pastor Dick Woodward has always maintained a gift of laser vision into the Word. His teaching(s) were available to help a person or a group of persons through the rough waters of a persons journey in life. Pastor Dick has always been able to magnify Jesus’ words with a show of steadfastness and passion.
    The tables are set before us, the feast is ready; with all thanksgiving to God, I have personally been saved and rewarded thanks to Pastor Dick for his mentoring heart and soul which always directs our attention towards the heavens and to Jesus Christ.
    Be thankful especially when you are in a small skiff and the waters are rough and the winds are hallowing that you can call on the Four Spiritual Truths. Rejoice that God is a constant source which will join you. He will not separate from you. Your journey to meet God, His son Jesus Christ and Pastor Dick Woodward may have been a long journey. It may have been a rough journey but a journey in time which knows no end.

    May God Continue His blessings upon you:

    Richard “Mac” McFetters

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