On Saturday one of Dick’s daughters, Cindy, read a poem she wrote for his 77th birthday that encapsulates his life so well…

dick woodward 1987 uva


How do we tell the story of your extraordinary life?
Your background conditions would have predicted only strife.
Growing up in the Depression with barely enough to eat,
Your father working day and night just to make ends meet.
Overshadowed by your siblings—the seventh child of eleven,
But at the age of nineteen sought out by the God of heaven.
Such a change in direction,
Indescribable new affection!
Was your commitment to your Savior divine.
A gift for speaking and engaging wayward souls,
Making the Word simple in order to make men whole.
Many years spent preaching to empty pews,
When suddenly the wind of the Spirit blew.
Then came along the Mildred Alexander show,
And a TV audience with a hunger to know.
Many folks tuned in to discover
The Mini-Bible College from cover to cover.
So much spiritual success,
But one day really put to the test,
A crippling illness took away your mobility,
Yet grace was greater than your disability.
Immeasurable fruit on seven continents,
Broadcasts, booklets, “God-pods” and Internet.
“Unexplained happiness” for all to see,
“I can’t, but He can”—your secret remedy.
So how do we tell your story, Dad?
By telling of the Savior you’ve had.
Jesus Christ is your all in all,
And by His grace you’re STANDING TALL!

Cindy Woodward Kranich 10/25/2007

4 Responses to STANDING TALL

  1. Cynthia Young says:

    I am one of the millions of people who have been affected by Dick Woodward’s work for Christ.  I accepted Christ at a young age, but had been going through a very rough time in my life when my sister–whose walk was much closer than mine–introduced me to Dick’s work online.  During a time that I was studying the Word and finding my way home to the Christ who loves me, Dick’s messages were hugely significant.  I thank God for Dick and all he has meant to those who seek and sojourn.  May God continue to bless and keep his family and all those who loved Dick Woodward.  Cynthia Young


  2. Cindy’s poem is the frosting atop the cake with Dick in his new spiritual body, dancing and directing the orchestra and choir in performing the song, I Am Free, Thank God, I Am Free At Last. Now there is a visual that will bring tears of joy to all who mourn Dick’s passing on to “What’s Next”. Hallelujah!!!!!

  3. Rich Ralls says:

    For the 3 years that I was stationed at Virginia Beach Dick was my pastor. I have never forgotten him, the preacher with a smile in his voice and the Word in his heart. Even after all these years when I read his articles on this website I can hear his voice. Next time will be in heaven, what a day that will be! And what a day it is for Dick now. My prayers are for his precious family.

    Rich Ralls

  4. Richard Diaz says:

    What a WONDERFUL poem—praise the Lord!!

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