Dick Woodward: the MBC & Chuck Colson

Walking down the Mini Bible College memory lane (remember the 3-ring spiral notebooks?), here’s a video of an interview Chuck Colson did with Pastor Dick Woodward years ago. The video takes about half an hour to watch.


If you would like to access the Memorial Celebration that took place on March 15th, you may click here to view the video of it on the Williamsburg Community Chapel’s website. The family has been so blessed by the amazing responses of so many who attended & many others who have watched it online.  It was truly a celebration of Dick Woodward’s life and the legacy of faith he left with us – to God be all the glory! (The 2 hour service requires a time commitment to watch, but don’t miss a minute. Be blessed!)

2 Responses to Dick Woodward: the MBC & Chuck Colson

  1. Fred Nice says:

    Oh how wonderful! Thanks for sharing this. What memories. There probably having some good chats in heaven together. 🙂

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the exchange of these two mighty men of God. Thank you for sharing.

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