MBC Deuteronomy nuggets

Although it has been almost 7 weeks since Pastor Dick Woodward went to rest in the Everlasting Arms of God, his words continue to bless many people around the world through the ministry of the Mini Bible College. It’s exciting to learn that the MBC has been translated into 31 languages, with another 9 in production through ICM (International Cooperating Ministries.)  Thousands of small groups meet regularly in remote villages listening to the MBC on solar-activated audio-players – what Dick called “God-pods” – that are small like iPods, but loaded with big spiritual power that transforms lives.  The family has been overwhelmed by international responses like Pastor Samuel from the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) who said, “Rev. Dick Woodward will always be a blessing to our churches and pastors.”  As pastors and laypeople go through the MBC, they feel like he is their pastor.

Many of you reading this blog have gone through the MBC, perhaps some of you may have even attended the classes in Virginia Beach, Williamsburg  and Norfolk over 30 years ago.  If you did not have the chance then, today you’re in for a treat.  Here’s a video of an MBC lesson from Deuteronomy the Blog Posting Elf found on YouTube.  Lots of nuggets in this lesson that begins with one of Papa’s favorites, “God loves you, anyway…”  We still have the signs he spoke of (& yes, we did occasionally tiptoe by the second sign hoping the floor wouldn’t squeak by his door!)

grace, peace & still-applicable nuggets*

    The Blog Posting Elf

*Note: the video was taped over 30 years ago, but the truths therein still apply!


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