Garden Spots: the genesis of this blog

As some of you faithful readers know, Dick Woodward needed a bit of help posting this blog. He couldn’t move anything (not even to wipe his nose) so he did all of his writing through a voice-activated computer, often painstakingly spelling out each word.  He wrote thousands of pages this way: books, Bible-study guides, pamphlets & many treasured emails to friends, family & fellow Kingdom laborers around the globe including the Editor, (a.k.a. the “Blog Posting Elf.”)

Let’s take a time-out to meet this Editor/Elf:  Virginia Woodward, Dick’s daughter, who worked many years overseas before coming home to help him. During a serious health crisis right after my return we thought Papa only had 6 months to live, but that was eight years ago – thanks be to God for the gift of life!

As an ardent reader of daily devotional books I encouraged Papa to compile his own daily book of what he called “Garden Spots” – places in the Scripture to take spiritual pause, meditating in the garden of God’s eternal truths.  Five, almost six years ago we started this blog with help from M.K. Sizemore & others toward that goal: compiling 365 blog entries that could eventually be used in a daily “Garden Spots” devotional book.  Before Papa died in March, we had posted over 400 of his blogs.

It’s taken awhile for the Blog Posting Elf to flex grieving editing muscles again.  Every week I encouraged Papa to meet his blog deadlines – usually Tuesdays & Fridays.  He would write-speak his first draft in Microsoft Word, then send it to my email for review & editing.  We then sat together in front of his big computer screen to wordsmith the final version (often with spirited editing discussions) before the Elf cut & pasted it into a blog post. Those were precious times amidst his busy schedule of appointments and all that clamored for his attention.

Now, although my father is gone, his faith-filled example and words are still with us. Many words, painstakingly spoken-typed, in many places – printed in books and pamphlets through the ministry of ICM & the Mini-Bible College, on this blog, in emails – and his spoken words that remain in our hearts & memories (& also through ICM’s audio compilations.)  By continuing this blog, I pray that Papa’s “Garden Spots” will continue to get you, dear readers, into the Word of God and more of the Word of God into you.  He always said, “the whole Word for the whole world.” That begins with each one of us as we apply the Word of God in our daily lives.

“When the sun finally drops below the horizon in the early evening, evidence of its work remains for some time. The skies continue to glow for a full hour after its departure.  In the same way, when a good or a great person’s life comes to its final sunset, the skies of this world are illuminated until long after he is out of view. Such a person does not die from this world, for when he departs he leaves much of himself behind–and being dead, he still speaks.”      Henry Ward Beecher  (Streams in the Desert.)
Let’s keep listening to my father, Dick Woodward, as we encounter his Garden Spots together each week on this blog.
grace, peace & spiritual Garden Spots
Virginia Woodward
(The Editor & Blog Posting Elf)

8 Responses to Garden Spots: the genesis of this blog

  1. fred nice says:

    Thanks Virginia! Wonderful quote at the end from Beecher. Your Dad lives on through his teaching and wonderful family. He blessed so many with his life and he continues to be a blessing!

  2. Rev Art Jensen says:

    Thank you, Virginia, for continuing this unique ministry Dick faithfully blogged! Blessings!

  3. Carla Largente says:

    The work you are doing is so worthwhile. Thank you. I know your Dad is proud of you. Bless

  4. Cindy Kranich says:

    There is no one better equipped to carry on Dad’s garden spots…I wonder if you could put a number on the daily devotional books you’ve read or have in your current collection?!
    xo, Cin

  5. John Paine says:


    I’m so happy to see the wheels turning on 4SpiritualSecrets. I really miss your Dad and his posts. Also, congratulations on your article in the latest issue of Next Door Neighbors–well done!

    Click to access Jun14NDN.pdf

    God bless,


  6. Shere Perry says:

    Thank you for keeping our focus on the beautiful colors of the sun as it is setting. Lovely excerpt from “Streams in the Desert”! It’s so true that Dad is still speaking to us, even though he has left this world…what a blessing to have these “Garden Spots” to glean from each day.. He had such wisdom and His faith in Gods goodness and love for us inspires us still… Thank you for making this blog available to us, sister! The combo of Dad’s experiences and your editing is a powerful one! You are a beautiful communicater…. Thank you for sharing YOUR gift with us as well!

  7. Clarke Morledge says:


    Say, the Next Door interview was pretty cool. Can I have your autograph??


  8. Dick Woodward says:

    Thank you all for your encouraging comments! It’s a blessing to delve into Papa’s teachings & writings to share each week – the challenge will be ‘what’ to share as there is so much to choose from! Many thanks – grace, peace & appreciation- Virginia

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